We have always wanted a VW bus. Always. The question was how to convince my husband that we really had to have one!  Well fate stepped in and showed me the way. While scrolling on social media, I came across a photo of a VW bus converted into a high tech photo booth. That was it! We could turn the bus into a photo booth!  As a former wedding photographer, I already had all the professional camera equipment and lighting , so that was covered. We just needed a dye sublimation printer and tons of props. 

I approached my husband with this new venture, and at first he thought I had lost my mind!

But slowly he started to warm up to the idea. 

After days of pleading, and coming up with a business plan,  he finally agreed to let me start the search for a VW bus! 

We began searching, and quickly realized that it was going to be a challenge to find a bus in decent shape, and also affordable. It took us a few months to find one that we could work with.

However, there was a slight problem. This bus was located just thirty miles from the Alabama border. We live in North Carolina...

Still determined, I convinced my husband (he is a really great guy!) to drive all the way down south to pick up this bus.

So we headed south at the end of April, and went to look at the bus. When we got to the southern most tip of Georgia (really Alabama), we went to a small VW shop. It was full of all kinds of VW vehicles in various stages of restoration.

It was a VW graveyard of sorts.

I had already seen the bus from photos on its listing, so I knew what I was looking for.

The bus had some body issues that weren't horrible, fancy rims, and dark! ugly tint on the windows. It also had an extra  loud muffler.

I saw great potential, and my husband saw a lot of work! 

​We walked around the bus, with my husband checking underneath it. I was already planning on how to turn it into a photo bus.

I was not driving (well, he was driving) back to Raleigh without that bus.

​So we bought the bus, and since I already had a name picked out, we renamed her Miss Lulu, in honor of my old dog Lucy, (the original Miss Lulu),  and towed it  back to Raleigh on a UHaul trailer.

Over the course of four months (in 98 degree weather), we sanded, did electrical work, removed the awful dark tint, changed the rims to old school VW rims, and got body restoration work done. Finally she was ready to be painted!

It took a lot of hard work and elbow grease, but we finally returned Miss Lulu to her glory days.

VW photo booth BUS IN RALEIGH

Sweet Carolina Photo Bus

Finding a VW Bus in decent shape, and also affordable was going to be a challenge.

​I wanted a VW Bus

Photo of girls with the bus © Nieto Photography

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Miss Lulu's full size bench seat can  hold multiple guests comfortably.